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Rebekah + Alex // Louisville, MS Wedding

One of the best parts of our job is getting to know some amazing people who we may never have had the chance to meet otherwise. We have been really blessed to work with a lot of families who always gladly welcome us into one of the most important days of their lives! That is what made the wedding of Rebekah and Alex even more special than usual. Almost one year earlier, we filmed Alex’s brother’s wedding at Pierce Castle! We even filmed a special moment that happened at the reception between the couple and were able to include it near the beginning of their wedding film. It was really great getting to work with familiar faces and celebrate another happy wedding day with this sweet family! 

We started our adventure by traveling up to Louisville, MS to Legion State Park, where the wedding was being held the next day. We stayed in a little rustic cabin that sat overlooking the lake. The next morning we woke up early to get a shot of the fog rolling across the water- definitely worth it. When we arrived at the cottage where the bridal party was getting ready, Rebekah shared a special first look with her father followed by her groom, Alex. We got to go around and explore some of the park for their portraits- such a peaceful place.

The ceremony took place near the cottage in a little field surrounded by big, beautiful pine trees. The couple’s family and close friends gathered for this intimate celebration as leaves were quietly falling in the background- a perfect fall wedding. Before exchanging their vows, Alex and Rebekah asked their guests to actively participate in a "blessing of the rings" by passing around their set of wedding bands so each person could personally touch the rings and say a quick prayer for their marriage. Another reason why this was so special was because all four sets of grandparents were able to attend the wedding. As you find out in the film, the wedding was officiated by Alex's grandfather who shared heartfelt words during the ceremony. After the ceremony, everyone gathered for a beautifully decorated, brunch reception at the lodge. The bride and groom exited through a tunnel of flower petals on their departure. It was a beautiful day!!

Venue: Legion State Park

Photographer: Riley Stone


Videographer: Pioneer Productions



Hope + Chris // Starkville, MS Wedding

The wedding of Hope & Chris was our last wedding of the summer season. Filmed in the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee Wildlife Refuge, it was definitely one of the most scenic places we have filmed this year!

We first arrived in Starkville to film the bridal party getting ready at a very cute Airbnb home then traveled to the Refuge. We loved exploring through all of the trees and swamp areas to capture this beautiful place for the video! Chris blazed a trail through the walkway to an overlook for his bride Hope, as you’ll see at the beginning of the film. The First Look was so special and full of emotion. They shared a sweet moment of praying together then Hope wanted to share a few words. With no letter to read from, you could tell everything came straight from her heart.

Their intimate ceremony was held on a boardwalk through a beautiful Cypress swamp area of the Refuge with their families and close friends. They exchanged personally written vows that deeply reflect their faith and love for one another- have your tissues ready for this part!

Following the ceremony, a small relaxing reception was held in a picnic area near the lake. The couple shared many happy moments spending time with their loved ones. When most of the guests had left, the couple and a few family members walked down to a little pavilion by the water and set up their ENO hammocks to unwind from the day. It was a very cool moment for us to capture them playing guitars and ukuleles together. The ending of the film features an original song written and performed by Hannah Bell, sister of the bride.

Venue: Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee Wildlife Refuge

Videographer: Pioneer Productions

Music: Tony Anderson; Hannah Bell