Chelsie + Dillon // Ruston, LA Wedding Video

Stunning Courtyard Wedding in Ruston, LA

Filmed in downtown Ruston at the Norton Building, Chelsie & Dillon's wedding film features the bride's sweet First Looks with her dad and the groom, tear-jerker speeches from the couples' best friends, & a breathtaking courtyard ceremony.

Videography: Pioneer Productions

Venue: The Norton Building

Photography: Desirae Gooding Photography



Latest Wedding Trailers!

We have recently updated our pricing to include wedding trailers! Previously these were only included in our two larger packages- but now when you book us, you will receive a short preview of your wedding within two weeks no matter which package you choose! 🎉 Contact us for our current pricing details!

Full videos still to come for these weddings featured below!

Sucheta + Nam // Flowood, Mississippi

2 Day Wedding with Stories told by the Bride and Groom

Sarah + Mason // Mobile, Alabama

Horse Stables Wedding with Personal Vows from the Bride and Groom

Galen + Patrick // Indianola, Mississippi

Winter Wedding with a Song Written and Performed by the Groom



Meredith + Anthony // Greenville, MS Wedding Video

Filmed in the heart of the Mississippi Delta, this film features stories of the bride and groom's journey, ceremony in the same church where both sets of their parents were also married, and a big time reception with a full band and MSU's fight song!

Videography: Pioneer Productions

Photography: Followell Fotography

Venue: St Joseph Catholic Church; Greenville Country Club

Band: Second Coming

Music: Roary; Rookie

Song License: Musicbed

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Amanda + Patrick // Inverness, MS Wedding

We loved spending the day with Amanda & Patrick in Inverness, MS! The letters they read during their first look were completely priceless. Such a beautiful wedding. We have noticed a trend with the brides who book us - most are nurses and veterinarians! We think that is so awesome. All of our couples have big hearts, and we’re very thankful to work with such sweet people. This is not the last video you’ll see from the Mississippi Delta- stay tuned for more coming soon!

Videography: Pioneer Productions

Getting Ready Venue: Thompson House B&B

Ceremony Venue: Inverness United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: The Dunleith Gin

Photography: Letty Weeks

Hair: Dina Pickell and Donna Shamoun

Makeup: Ally Nicole

Planner: HEF Wedding and Event Planning

Florals: HEF Wedding and Event Planning

Band: Jason Miller Band


Song License: Musicbed



Rebekah + Alex // Louisville, MS Wedding

One of the best parts of our job is getting to know some amazing people who we may never have had the chance to meet otherwise. We have been really blessed to work with a lot of families who always gladly welcome us into one of the most important days of their lives! That is what made the wedding of Rebekah and Alex even more special than usual. Almost one year earlier, we filmed Alex’s brother’s wedding at Pierce Castle! We even filmed a special moment that happened at the reception between the couple and were able to include it near the beginning of their wedding film. It was really great getting to work with familiar faces and celebrate another happy wedding day with this sweet family! 

We started our adventure by traveling up to Louisville, MS to Legion State Park, where the wedding was being held the next day. We stayed in a little rustic cabin that sat overlooking the lake. The next morning we woke up early to get a shot of the fog rolling across the water- definitely worth it. When we arrived at the cottage where the bridal party was getting ready, Rebekah shared a special first look with her father followed by her groom, Alex. We got to go around and explore some of the park for their portraits- such a peaceful place.

The ceremony took place near the cottage in a little field surrounded by big, beautiful pine trees. The couple’s family and close friends gathered for this intimate celebration as leaves were quietly falling in the background- a perfect fall wedding. Before exchanging their vows, Alex and Rebekah asked their guests to actively participate in a "blessing of the rings" by passing around their set of wedding bands so each person could personally touch the rings and say a quick prayer for their marriage. Another reason why this was so special was because all four sets of grandparents were able to attend the wedding. As you find out in the film, the wedding was officiated by Alex's grandfather who shared heartfelt words during the ceremony. After the ceremony, everyone gathered for a beautifully decorated, brunch reception at the lodge. The bride and groom exited through a tunnel of flower petals on their departure. It was a beautiful day!!

Venue: Legion State Park

Photographer: Riley Stone


Videographer: Pioneer Productions



Minnie Watson // Jackson, MS Mini-Documentary

We are always grateful when we have the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Minnie Watson from the Medgar Evers Home Museum. Her words have a way of drawing you into the story- it’s like you’re right there. Stories like this one are so important to remember in our Mississippi history as we move towards a brighter future together.

“I may not see it, you may not see it. But I’m doing it for those coming on behind me.”

Special thanks to:

Ms. Minnie Watson of The Medgar Evers Home Museum owned by Tougaloo College

John P. Perkins, Lead Pastor of Common Ground Covenant Church



Cassie + Jake // Macon, MS Wedding

This week we are sharing the love story of Cassie and Jake! They tied the knot at a beautiful, private residence near Macon. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding! We started the day by capturing Cassie and her bridesmaids getting ready upstairs in the huge lodge-style home. She shared a priceless moment with her mom who helped button her dress then walked out to the opening of the stairs for her father to see her for the first time that day! One of the sweetest moments of the day was definitely the first look between the bride and groom. Jake waited patiently at the end of the aisle with Cassie’s flowers. When she tapped on his shoulder for him to turn around, the look on Jake’s face was priceless. Since the weather was so perfect and there was a lot of extra time in the schedule, we were able to fly our drone a lot on this day! Not only did we get shots of the property and surrounding areas, but we also got a lot of the bride and groom standing under a giant tree that we thought was beautiful. Definitely some of our favorite shots of the day! The ceremony was held in the backyard with the bridal party positioned under the porch and the guests’ seating in the grass. There was a wooden arch structure at the end of the aisle with double doors which made for a grand entrance for the bridal party. There were hundreds of guests at this wedding- many people had to stand when they ran out of seats. You could tell Cassie and Jake are really loved by their family and friends! The bride was escorted into the ceremony by her father in a vintage car. The couple exchanged vows and rings in a very sweet Christian ceremony. Cassie’s best friend sang a special song as they lit a unity candle. When they kissed and were announced husband and wife, the smiles on their faces brought joy to everyone there! The couple exited the ceremony in the car, and we loved how she stuck her bouquet out the window! The reception was held both inside the house and outside on the back porch/ tent. There was a lot to take in here- a live band, dancing, photo booth, football game on the tv, and plenty of people! Cassie and Jake ended the night with a big sparkler exit which we also filmed with our drone. They had a lot of talented vendors at this wedding and hope to cross paths again!

Venue: Private Home

Photography: Denise Williams Photography

Videography: Pioneer Productions

Music: Analog Heart



Ali + Jacob // Bastrop, LA Wedding

On this rainy Fall weekend, we traveled to Bastrop, Louisiana (near Monroe) to film the rehearsal dinner and wedding day of Ali and Jacob! The entire event was held at a historic home called Park Manor, built in 1860. It has been recently updated to include a bridal cottage and reception pavilion on the property — which was perfect for this rainy wedding day! The bride and bridesmaids utilized the cute cottage for hair and makeup, while the groom and groomsmen prepped inside the mansion. Ali was assisted into her dress by her older sister and shared a priceless First Look with her dad before the ceremony. There were special flowers placed in an empty seat in memory of Ali’s mother. During much of the video, you can hear the bride’s sister describe how the loss of their mother has impacted their relationship. We could see how important their families were to the bride and groom, so we tried to center their film on that love they share.

The ceremony was held in the brand new pavilion- it was the first wedding to ever use this building on the property. The bridal party entered under a beautiful floral arch down the aisle to an open space with antique windows looking out to a pasture. Jacob escorted his mother, and Ali was escorted down the aisle by her father. The ceremony was officiated by a family member and was a very sweet moment as they stood holding hands in front of their loved ones. This was the second wedding we used our new Ronin stabilizer - it really makes you feel like you are standing right there with them.

After the ceremony, the rain had stopped and the bridal party was able to take some beautiful photos outside in front of the house. Back at the reception, there was no shortage of fun for the couple and their guests! They had a very interactive DJ who facilitated the shoe game, the flower toss, garter toss, dancing, and a photo booth. The couple also had a fog machine for their first dance. Ali shared a dance with her father, followed by an emotional dance between Jacob and his mother. But the part of the reception that grabbed at our heart strings the most definitely the speeches. Jacob’s best friend, Patrick, shared many stories of growing up playing football together and how their friendship has stayed strong all these years. Riley, Ali’s sister, shared how their opposite personalities once clashed but now have evolved to complement one another. It was a blessing to hear their stories and a perfect way to end their wedding film. Thank you to Park Manor for hosting this beautiful celebration for these two sweet families!

Venue: Park Manor

Photography: Tori Monnin Photography

Videography: Pioneer Productions

Music: Kollen

P.S. — yes, we did visit the Duck Commander while staying in Monroe for the weekend LOL! #BeardGoals




Andy Abrams Discipleship House // Jackson, MS Ministry

Late in the summer of this year, a dear friend from our church asked us to help with an amazing project. Jason ‘Smiley’ Abrams, a local college campus minister with InterVarsity Fellowship (IV), shares his vision for a Discipleship House in Jackson in memory of (and to continue the work of) his father, Andy Abrams:

“Imagine if every neighborhood surrounding the college campus had a house where intentional missional community living took place. The common areas in the house could be used for bible studies and other off-campus gatherings that would build relationships over food, fun and fellowship. The students would not only be discipled through community living, but they would also make a positive impact on their surrounding neighborhood. This holistic discipleship allows students to have eyes to see the harvest on their campuses. Then, they would be able to see unreached places on their campuses in order to be even more intentional to reach unreached students.

Is this a discipleship house or a rental property? Jackson, MS is not a typical “college town”. However, there are 3 HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges), 3 Private institutions, and 2 community colleges with multiple campuses educating over 40,000 students total. Each school has a different gift to offer the city. The majority of the students are commuters. However, with the exception of limited student housing on campus, there are not ample rental properties close to many of the institutions. This forces many commuters to stay with their parents or rent from slum lords. There is a need for good quality rental properties. With proper management, we will maintain affordable yet quality homes with the clear mission to financially support the staff on the campuses in the Jackson metro area as well as provide discipleship opportunities for residents.”

1. Developing Disciples. Students will share life together through intentional missional community. Tenants will participate in leadership development and multi-generational small groups. IV homes will be open to host off-campus events such as movie nights, bible studies, dinners, etc. in order to grow the IV community on campus.

2. Networking. IV homes will be located in neighborhoods near the college campus. One of our goal is to strategically partner with churches, local businesses and community leaders across the Jackson Metro Area to focus on holistic development. IV College students will be able to serve with local nonprofits to impact the marginalized in our society. During the summer the homes will be used to house students who participate in the Jackson Urban Mission Program (JUMP).

3. Rebuilding. InterVarsity Campus Jackson dreams to empower students to help rebuild the brokenness within our communities in 3 ways:

a. Physically. Purchasing homes in the neighborhood will increase value in places that are often marginalized.

b. Spiritually. A Christian home on a block will provide an atmosphere of prayer and worship. It would also allow residents to grow in spiritual formation by having community and accountability.

c. Emotionally. Restoring hope to hopeless neighborhoods and students.

4. Funding. Every InterVarsity staff is required to raise his/her entire salary. Rental revenue from the homes will provide additional resources for the area budget which will provide matching grants to support low networked staff, operating expenses, student scholarships, etc. Student leaders, volunteers, and staff will pay affordable rent of which at least 50% will be donated for the staff matching grants, 25% for property maintenance, 25% savings to purchase additional homes.

This is a multi-family property containing 12 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 2 kitchens. We purchased this property for $18,000 plus closing costs on April 13, 2018. A property this size would typically need over $300,000 in complete total rehab costs. The combination of a strong foundation, multiple volunteers, and strategic church partners, we plan to save over $100,000 in rehab cost. The property has no major damages to siding, flooring, roofing, and foundation. However, we plan to raise approximately $200,000 in renovation costs including electrical, plumbing, remodeling, painting, appliances and furniture.

We plan to divide this multi-family property into separate units. The first unit will contain a full kitchen, bathroom, a basement, guest room, prayer room, office, and living room. The guest room will be used for any visitors that may come to partner with InterVarsity on campus. We may also use the guest room for AirBnB weekend rentals at least once per month. The office will be equipped with state of the art video conferencing capabilities, planning tools, and a well stocked library of InterVarsity Press books and references available for IV staff, volunteers, and student leaders for bible study prep. The prayer room will be equipped with surround sound, scriptures, candles available for individuals or small groups any time. Staff, students or volunteers will be able to use kitchen and living room space for fellowship opportunities. The remainder of the property will be used for student residence living.”

Donate or get more info for this project: Andy Abrams Foundation

Filmmakers: Pioneer Productions

Church: Common Ground Covenant Church

Music: When Mountains Move



Hope + Chris // Starkville, MS Wedding

The wedding of Hope & Chris was our last wedding of the summer season. Filmed in the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee Wildlife Refuge, it was definitely one of the most scenic places we have filmed this year!

We first arrived in Starkville to film the bridal party getting ready at a very cute Airbnb home then traveled to the Refuge. We loved exploring through all of the trees and swamp areas to capture this beautiful place for the video! Chris blazed a trail through the walkway to an overlook for his bride Hope, as you’ll see at the beginning of the film. The First Look was so special and full of emotion. They shared a sweet moment of praying together then Hope wanted to share a few words. With no letter to read from, you could tell everything came straight from her heart.

Their intimate ceremony was held on a boardwalk through a beautiful Cypress swamp area of the Refuge with their families and close friends. They exchanged personally written vows that deeply reflect their faith and love for one another- have your tissues ready for this part!

Following the ceremony, a small relaxing reception was held in a picnic area near the lake. The couple shared many happy moments spending time with their loved ones. When most of the guests had left, the couple and a few family members walked down to a little pavilion by the water and set up their ENO hammocks to unwind from the day. It was a very cool moment for us to capture them playing guitars and ukuleles together. The ending of the film features an original song written and performed by Hannah Bell, sister of the bride.

Venue: Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee Wildlife Refuge

Videographer: Pioneer Productions

Music: Tony Anderson; Hannah Bell


Ian + Lauryn // Grantsville, Maryland Wedding

Get ready. This one will make you want to grab a brown bag of corn and cozy up to your appropriate fur animal. Since starting Pioneer Productions, we’ve been thinking about creating a highlight film that went beyond a traditional montage, and felt more like an experience. Ian and Lauryn’s wedding film helped us fully realize this dream. You’ll be in for a true movie-going experience.

Ian and Lauryn’s “Wedding Journey Film”, as we have appropriately deemed it, will indeed take you on a journey: a journey through the lives of two people as they fall in love and experience life together. I must concede that we did have special insight into their world, as I grew up with my long-time best friend and mouse brother, Ian. From the pine cone incident, to causing all clubs to be banned in the third grade, I certainly had the inside scoop. The editing process felt more alive than ever, as we stitched together multiple days, angles, and variations of footage, trying to knit this story together.

Without further ado, we invite you to take the journey with us and enjoy our first 26+ minute wedding journey film.



Ashley + Matthew // Starkville, MS Wedding

If you are a Mississippi State University fan, you have to see this wedding film!! Ashley and Matthew are both graduates of MSU and were married on campus at the Chapel of Memories. We started our day filming the bridal party getting ready alongside Ashley's cute dogs and chickens! The father/ daughter first look was priceless, and we loved how sweet Ashley's mom was with helping with her dress. Their house was filled with MSU memorabilia that helped display their love for all things State! The Chapel of Memories was a beautiful venue featuring large stained glass windows and elegant fountains. There was space open on both sides of the pews which made it perfect for getting any angle we needed during the ceremony. We really loved how Ashley and Matthew had written their own vows to exchange and took communion at the end! After taking pictures around campus with the happy couple, we all headed to the reception at The Mill. They had wonderful food available, including prime rib! It was a fun night of filming cake cutting, corn hole games, and dancing in Starkville!


Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's Day!

For all of those walks down the aisle, dances under the lights, tears held back, words of wisdom shared, or memories held in our hearts- time spent with our fathers will forever be treasured.

It is a joy to capture these priceless moments for each family!

We hope everyone had a blessed Father’s Day,
- Ashley & RD



Lindy + Jared // Biloxi, MS Wedding

In April we traveled to Biloxi, MS for the beautiful wedding of Lindy and Jared! The groom and groomsmen prepped for the day at the new Margaritaville Resort while the bride and bridesmaids got ready at the venue, upstairs at the Slavonian Lodge. Lindy was assisted with her dress by her mom, and she also had a really sweet First Look with her dad! It was perfect weather the entire day, which helped set the scene for the bride and groom's special First Look under the beautiful oak trees. The way Jared looked at Lindy as he saw her in the wedding dress for the first time was priceless!

The ceremony was held in the large ballroom at the lodge. The bride and groom's families were seated in front of the stage. Other guests were seated at beautifully decorated tables detailed with fresh flowers already set for the reception. Lindy was escorted into the ballroom by her father up the aisle and by her groom up the stairs to the stage. The couple exchanged vows and rings underneath a gorgeous arch of flowers. We also thought it was cute when the ring bearer pulled a little Rubix cube out of his pocket to play with while on stage! After their vows were sealed with a kiss, the chairs where the family had been seated were moved aside to make room for the dance floor while the bridal party took pictures outside. 

We loved how many flowers were around the room and their cool globe used as a guest sign-in! Everything was decorated in a really sophisticated grand style; from one of the largest cakes we've seen to the amazing ice sculpture, it was really something to see! After finishing up some pictures for the photographers and drone shots for us, the couple was announced as they re-entered the reception. Jared shared a sweet dance with his bride Lindy, as well as his mother. Then Lindy and her father started to what at first seemed like a "normal" father/ daughter dance. In the middle of the song, the music started to skip as if something had gone wrong with the DJ's equipment. Everyone was looking around trying to figure it out when all of the sudden a new song came on while Lindy and her father started dancing in sync! They had rehearsed this dance all along that featured a medley of hip-hop, disco, country line dancing, and the twist- such a special memory with her dad! They ended the dance by pulling in other family and bridal party members to join them on the dance floor. Everyone was having so much fun, and we loved how full their dance floor stayed almost the entire evening! One of our favorite shots is of Lindy's grandparents dancing together, and you can see Lindy and Jared to the left of them dancing together as well. We ended our time at the reception by grabbing a few shots of the couple's traditional money dance with their guests, the awesome vintage car they rented, and of course a beautiful sparkler exit at the front of the lodge.

We are very grateful for both families, the wedding party, and the awesome team of vendors for helping to make this wedding day go so smoothly and beautifully! We really enjoyed working alongside the talented photographers, Mark and Jeff!

Venue: Slavonian Lodge | Photography: Mark Eric Photography of New Orleans | Videography: Pioneer Productions | Floral Designs: Angie Stenum Event Design | DJ: Fuji Delahoussaye | Lighting and Father/Daughter Remix Music: Touch of Class Productions | Cake: Tanya Cumbest, The Cake Designer LLC

We had a lot of fun shooting and editing this wedding video! RD captured some breathtaking drone shots of the beach as well as the venue that are featured all throughout the film. But we also had a "blooper" (aka crash!) that we have shared below for a good laugh! (The drone was not damaged thankfully)


Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day!

This is dedicated to all the moms who planned every detail, cried happy tears, buttoned-up dresses, adjusted ties, and danced the night away. You are so appreciated, and your love doesn't go unnoticed on your son or daughter's wedding day.

Often times for weddings, the mother of either the bride or groom is the first person we meet. They are the unseen heroes of the wedding day- making sure every detail is just right and taking care of everyone around them. 

We’ve put together some of our favorite “momma moments” to celebrate this special week. We feel so privileged to document such an important day for these families. From giving a heartwarming speech to holding an umbrella over the bride and groom while they dance in the rain, these are truly priceless memories!

Happy Mother’s Day!  



Marie + Andrew {Wedding} - Decatur, MS


Marie + Andrew {Wedding} - Decatur, MS

It's not every day you get to film a wedding at a castle! Our latest wedding highlight video was filmed in Decatur, MS at Pierce Castle. One of our early wedding videos from 2016 was also filmed here.

Andrew and Marie were married just before Christmas so everything was decorated for the holiday festivities! We enjoyed filming both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day. On Friday, we stayed overnight in Philadelphia, MS which is nearby. This venue is only a few hours away from our home, but we still love to travel- we have several destination weddings coming up this year! 

There were many classic winter elements that gave the castle such a special touch. Each guest received a personalized Christmas ornament! And it was nice to have hot chocolate on this chilly day (cold even for Mississippi!).

The ceremony was located on the front patio under string lights and was officiated by the bride's father and the groom's grandfather. Both families were so welcoming all throughout the weekend. It's always a pleasure to be the wedding videographers at Pierce Castle! 

If you recognize the song, let us know in the comment section! 



Emily + Blake {Wedding} - Natchez, MS

Happy Spring! 

We are almost finished with our busy editing season and will soon move into wedding season again! Our latest wedding we are now able to share with you was set at a venue you may recognize from another film of ours - The Auburn Antebellum Home in Natchez, MS. It was such a pleasure to be part of Emily and Blake's wedding! The groom's reaction as his bride walked up the aisle was priceless. The weather and lighting was perfect during the late afternoon ceremony. The reception was held mainly in the back courtyard, beautifully decorated tables and lights strung across the entire area. Just as the couple was announced by the DJ and entered for their first dance, it started to rain. Ironically, their song was the Adele version of "To Make You Feel My Love" and these are the first lines:

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

They continued to dance in the rain until it picked up and started to really pour. Just when we thought they would have to come inside and finish after the rain passed, the mother of the bride and a bridesmaid came running to the couple's side with umbrellas in hand. They stood in the rain just to hold the umbrellas over the bride and groom so they could finish their first dance - we thought that was so sweet!

The rain eventually cleared out and all of the guests were able to enjoy the dance floor. The bride and bridesmaids also had been practicing all day for a surprise choreographed dance that they later performed at the reception! We are so glad to have been able to film another Natchez wedding!