On Monday we had a blast shooting the solar eclipse during our lunch break from our front yard in Crystal Springs! For the last few weeks, we went back and forth about the idea of traveling into the path of totality to capture the eclipse in totality, but we chickened out...next time (2023 to be exact, full eclipse in 2024 just a stones throw away to totality in Arkansas). It was truly beautiful from our own home as well! We shot the eclipse on a Canon C-100 with a polarizing filter, on ND 6, F45, and a 100-300mm Canon telescopic lens and viewed it with our bare eyeballs...not really.. A lot of photography jargon, but basically we could have benefitted from a few more stops of ND (neutral density) to further darken the image, however it turned out better than expected.  I find particular interest in celestial events so this was certainly a day to be remembered. We plan to film/photograph some different time lapses soon, so keep an eye out (a protected eye)! Until next time, keep those eyes from the scorching of the sun, and stay safe.