Happy New Year, Pioneer Friends!

In the fall, we traveled to film a beautiful wedding in Decatur, Mississippi at the Pierce Castle. Although it was constructed in 2008, the castle has an interesting story. It was built in memory of Grover Pierce, and his bride Margaret, who raised a farm and a family on the property following his service in WWII. It was their dream to build a castle on a hill, as they often expressed to their five daughters. After many years of growing old together, the couple passed away on their treasured land. But their dream was finally fulfilled when the castle was built several decades later by those in their family who remembered the story of the "castle on a hill." One of our favorite views on the castle's property was the creek and waterfall that we made sure to feature in this film. What is even more beautiful than the scenery in this film, is the words you will hear that were personally written by the bride and groom. They not only exchanged sweet letters before the ceremony, but also composed their own vows. You can hear the authenticity and emotion with each line that was spoken. We had a great weekend working with these families and wish the best for Brianna & JJ! 




Pierce Castle story & info here: http://www.piercecastlems.com