Get ready. This one will make you want to grab a brown bag of corn and cozy up to your appropriate fur animal. Since starting Pioneer Productions, we’ve been thinking about creating a highlight film that went beyond a traditional montage, and felt more like an experience. Ian and Lauryn’s wedding film helped us fully realize this dream. You’ll be in for a true movie-going experience.

Ian and Lauryn’s “Wedding Journey Film”, as we have appropriately deemed it, will indeed take you on a journey: a journey through the lives of two people as they fall in love and experience life together. I must concede that we did have special insight into their world, as I grew up with my long-time best friend and mouse brother, Ian. From the pine cone incident, to causing all clubs to be banned in the third grade, I certainly had the inside scoop. The editing process felt more alive than ever, as we stitched together multiple days, angles, and variations of footage, trying to knit this story together.

Without further ado, we invite you to take the journey with us and enjoy our first 26+ minute wedding journey film.