RD and I have some pretty important news! In April we decided to take a leap of faith and go FULL TIME with Pioneer!! Ever since we got married, we have been dreaming of working together full time. More specifically, we have been dreaming of doing ministry full time together: one day we want to plant a church for all people. But for now, we are having a blast traveling and meeting awesome people! Photography & film may not seem like a ministry at first glance, but to us it is. We pray for each person and marriage, and we love just being present on one of the most important days in our clients' lives. Most people know that I did photography professionally through college but stopped for several years when I started working full time in ministry. I also got pretty burnt out for a while because I felt like my creativity was being forced into a box in order to keep up with the photo trends that most potential clients wanted. I consider myself an artist first, business owner second. I think for RD it's the other way around, and that's why we make such a great team. 

For me, Help Portrait was my deciding factor whether to get back into photography professionally again. Help Portrait for us looks like setting up a day to do photos then ordering, matting, and giving away the photos to each family or individual for free. This is our second session with our church family at Common Ground Covenant Church. Common Ground partners with us in sponsoring these events by paying for a portion of the costs to get these prints to the families. We want to give away as many photos as we can. If you'd like to sponsor an event to provide free photos for local community members, please contact us or give online here. Specifically, I would love to do Help Portrait sessions for nursing homes, homeless shelters, adoption agencies, hospice care, and animal shelters - if you have a personal connection with any organizations like those, let us know. Aside from Help Portrait, we are also more than willing to work with our clients' budgets. Even for weddings, if our pricing doesn't fit your budget - come talk to us and let's figure out a plan to make it work! - Ashley