Behind the Scenes Photo from Mother's Day by our amazing sister, Kesi Mac.

Behind the Scenes Photo from Mother's Day by our amazing sister, Kesi Mac.


We have had one CRAZY summer! Unfortunately, the season began with our car and my (Ash) phone and purse being stolen during an armed robbery. This did set us back a while... BUT we bounced back quickly and have been busy traveling and planning projects! We have been greatly blessed!!

Some of our summer projects will have their own blog posts soon or a slow release on social media, but here are the major ones we want to share a little about:

In May, we partnered with our church, Common Ground Covenant Church, for our first official Help Portrait session. As a gift to our West Jackson family, we gave away 15 family portraits for Mother's Day. We took the portraits that day, then had them printed and matted for the families to take home the following week! This kind of project - THIS is why we do what we do.

Another big part of summer for us was Community Night. This was a weekly outreach event hosted by our church. Every Thursday at Claiborne Park, we served meals, had live worship music, and tons of family fun. And it's not too late to join the fun! There will be one more final event near the end of this month called the Taste of West Jackson to promote economic development in the community. More info here:

In between these ministry projects, we have been working on some personal projects and a few family sessions. We are now gearing up for a busy autumn season of engagements and weddings!! And with school starting back, we have a few special project ideas up our sleeves for high school seniors. Stay tuned!! 

- Ash & RD