RD and Ashley have worked with us every step of the way and consistently gone the extra mile to make our experience with them perfect. Every interaction with them reveals that they are loving, generous people, which is something I was always blessed by. They are also an absolute pleasure to be around, (warm, kind, respectful of and completely present in the moment) and they seamlessly blended into the background of our special day.
— Hope B., Bride

Meet the Team

Welcome! We are R.D. and Ashley Chisholm, a husband and wife team based in Mississippi and available for worldwide travel. We are best friends living our dream by running this business full-time together. Our mission is to tell authentic stories through our films and photography. We are Christ followers, travel enthusiasts, big dream believers who love going on adventures and coming home to our cozy house to watch Netflix with our two rescued dogs, Mo & E.

RD is an eternal optimist, star gazer with a heart as big as his beard, loves making everyone laugh, and still believes Hopper is coming back from the Upside-down.

Ashley is a soft-spoken people lover, kidney transplant survivor with thousands of dog photos on her phone, and will probably be wearing Chuckโ€™s every time you see her.



  • Co-Owner

  • Business Director

  • Lead Filmmaker

  • Colorist

  • Audio Producer

  • Drone Pilot


  • Co-Owner

  • Creative Producer

  • Filmmaker

  • Lead Editor

  • Web Developer

  • Social Media Manager


Eydie & Moses

  • Lead Supporters

  • Professional Cuddlers


Someone once said "Mississippians are born storytellers." I think that sums up what we strive to capture through our work and why we love it so much. The bulk of our work revolves around weddings, but we also work with ministry & documentary films. We love getting to meet people from all walks of life and capturing their unique story.

So many of our clients have told us that hiring us was their favorite expense from the entire wedding process, and we are incredibly grateful and humbled by that!

We want every client to have the best wedding film possible. So we don't charge extra for drone footage or a second videographer. Our wedding collection pricing is based on the amount of time and amount of products, not quality of our work. We put our heart into each film we produce - this means we don't split up to film different weddings on the same day or even edit more than one wedding at the same time. We like to give our full attention to one project at a time.

Pioneer Productions is partnered with Help Portrait, a movement that empowers artists to serve their community. We believe photography and videography are important because through these forms of art, we are able to save a moment in time that will exist long after we are gone. When we are hired to professionally preserve the memory and legacy of a family or event through photos and videos, we will also provide that service to others who cannot afford that luxury. We want to share their stories and pass down the legacies of all kinds of people. Everyone has a story, and each story has immeasurable worth. In a world where there is so much division, we will be striving to display the beauty of diversity, but at the same time, advocating that each person has more in common with their neighbor than they may realize - We just have to take the time to listen to their story. Through our business, we are inviting clients to partner with us in this mission.


We are experienced photographers and filmmakers who are ever-growing in a new direction and vision. Ashley was raised in Gallman, Mississippi and does not have many memories that do not include a camera in her hand. Her love for capturing moments through pictures led to a hobby that opened up a lot of opportunities. She used all of her savings and graduation gifts to purchase her first pieces of professional equipment. When she started getting requests for photo shoots from people who were not friends or family, she launched her first business, Ashley Thaxton Photography, during her first year of college in 2010.

In 2013 Ashley was offered an opportunity to teach a summer-long photography class for at-risk children at the Spencer Perkins Center, a non-profit organization, in Jackson, Mississippi. This is where she found her true calling, comprised of community development, church planting, and reconciliation. She ended up working there full-time for a few years as a Social Worker after graduating from Belhaven University.

In 2015 Ashley married her soul mate, R.D. Chisholm, who was born to missionary parents living in Zambia, Africa and raised in Cumberland, Maryland. R.D. studied International Business at Frostburg University in Maryland then moved to Mississippi one month before their wedding. He initially just assisted shooting weddings for Ashley Thaxton Photography, but ended up finding a hidden talent in photography and videography.

We have always had a vision of doing ministry together. In 2017 we launched Pioneer Productions as a full-time business. This is just one piece of our vision, and we are so excited to see what adventures are to come.


Pioneer Productions is the name we chose because if there is one word to best describe each of us, it would be "pioneer". We love being creative and going against the flow.

Our wedding is a perfect picture of this. R.D. proposed to Ashley on January 17, 2015 at our favorite place- an abandoned bridge overlooking the Pearl River. We planned our dream wedding in less than a month (inexpensive & stress-free!) and were married on February 15, 2015 (the anniversary of when we first started dating) in Red River Gorge, Kentucky on the Sky Bridge in the Daniel Boone National Forest with just our immediate family members present. Everything was so beautiful!

We are also pioneers in how we live life. We are not afraid to go off the beaten path or rock the boat for what we believe or stand for. We are dreamers who love going after ideas that seem impossible.

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